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Our step by step guide to moving house

Let us take the hassle out of moving house in Hemel Hempstead .

To assist in your move we have compiled the following guide to help you move more easily.
If you need any further assistance please contact us.

General packing guidelines for moving house in Hemel Hempstead:

  • Use common sense, pack least used items first
  • Pack boxes so the lids close flat and seal the top and bottom with tape
  • Do not overload boxes
  • Write the contents, where they are to go and if the contents are fragile, on the tape sealing the box
  • We provide two sizes of box, use the smaller boxes for books and heavy items

Packing tips:

  • China and glass – use plenty of paper to pad out, plates should be packed upright with heavy items at the bottom
  • Lampshades – remove from lamps and pack in a suitable sized box
  • Records – stand upright, use smaller boxes because of the weight
  • Books – use the smaller boxes because of the weight
  • Electronic goods – use the original boxes if you have them, if not, use suitable sized boxes for smaller items, leave large items for us to deal with on the removal day
  • Toys – remember to leave one or two favourites out!
  • Clothes and linen – can be packed in large boxes or large plastic bags (clothes in drawers can be left in situ and hanging clothes can be left on hangers, we will transfer them to our special frames on the removal day)
  • Garden equipment – have sheds, playhouses, climbing frames, slides etc. dismantled ready for the moving day
  • Wood and tools – e.g. spades, rakes etc. Tie or tape lengths into bundles
  • Fridge – secure or remove glass shelves and remember to pack jars, bottles etc.
  • Freezer (upright and small chest) – leave for us to deal with
  • Freezer (large chest) – place contents in large plastic bags and return to freezer (ideally run down contents or empty and defrost if possible)
  • Self-assembly furniture – please note that some self-assembly furniture, particularly if made of chipboard, is inherently fragile. Check with us if they require dismantling prior to the removal day
  • Large pictures and mirrors – leave on the walls for us to deal with on the removal day
  • Carpets and rugs – leave it to us to take up loose floor covering and rugs on the removal day. Carpets can be removed provided this has been discussed with the estimator and that all fittings and fastenings have been detached beforehand (please vacuum!)
  • Young children and pets – for their own safety it is better for young children and pets to be elsewhere while the loading and unloading takes place

Don’t have the time to pack your belongings? Leave it to us! Call

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Things to do a few weeks before moving house in Hemel Hempstead:

  • Telephone our office to confirm the removal date and send off the removal confirmation and payment
  • Arrange packing materials and pet carriers
  • Start to run down food especially that in the freezer. If fridges and freezers are to be stored, they must be emptied and defrosted
  • Arrange to have the electric and gas meters read on the removal day
  • Arrange telephone number changes, call diversions and final billing with the telephone company
  • Notify the Post Office to redirect your mail
  • Arrange baby and pet sitter, children, animals and removals don’t mix!
  • Arrange cleaning of rugs, carpets and curtains (if required)
  • Arrange disconnection and reconnection of gas/electrical appliances
  • For those moving out of the area, try asking the current tenants of the property you are moving in to for a recommended plumber, electrician etc. and possibly a local phone book
  • Book any accommodation (if applicable)
  • Place orders or make decisions for any new appliances or furnishings (such as carpets) which you will require in your new home
  • Find all of the guarantees and associated instructions for all appliances to be left, put to one side to avoid packing
  • Write instructions for hot water and heating systems, put with guarantees above as instructions for the new owner
  • Write instructions of the location of stopcocks for the new owner

People to inform of your new address:

  • Accountant
  • Bank & building society
  • Catalogues
  • Child benefits
  • Council tax
  • Credit/Store cards
  • Doctor (old and new)
  • Dentist (old and new)
  • DVLA
  • Hire purchase companies
  • Hospital
  • Insurers (home, motor etc.)
  • Milkman
  • Motoring organisations
  • Newsagents
  • Post Office
  • Premium bonds
  • Professional advisors for Hemel Hempstead house moving
  • Rental companies (TV’s etc.)
  • Schools (old & new)
  • Service suppliers (gas, electricity etc.)
  • Tradesmen
  • Tax authorities
  • Town hall
  • SKY, cable TV etc.
  • Vet


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